The Leadership League Mastermind 

Claim your space as an expert. Renew your commitments. Find richer rewards.

You’ve got a business, and it’s a beautiful thing. 

You summoned the courage to start something new when there was a far easier path elsewhere. 

You took the risk that there were much greater rewards and impact waiting for you beyond the confines of the status quo.

You made the leap. You did the work. You made it happen. 

Even when it was hard. 

Your effort, perserverance and committment is now paying off. 

You're busy building your body of work and adding value to those you serve, all the while striving to create a better future for yourself and your family. 

You could trot along like this for years, and it would be just fine. Mostly. Probably. 

Except -- you know you're capable of more. Tremendously so. 

You're ready to step out of the shadows and bring a braver, stronger point of view forward. 

It's time to renew your commitment to yourself, your business and the people you serve, in a fundamental way. 

It's time to go beyond the latest strategy-du-jour, beyond marketing, beyond sales, beyond busywork and beyond the next bright shiny object. 

It's time to step up and claim the responsibility you've earned. To get the recognition you deserve. And to ground your work in clear, unwavering PURPOSE. 

What will it take to realize this bolder vision for your business and life? 


Not the stuffy C-suite managment-style version you may immediately think of. 

But instead, your own personal brand of leadership that when activated, positions you to make your highest level of contribution. 

And the best way to get there is with others. A community of ambitious, like-minded women on their own leadership journey who get it. 

That's why I created...

Leadership League Mastermind

We begin in...


How the League works:

The Leadership League is one-part leadership training, one-part private coaching, and one-part supportive mastermind community, with the express purpose of helping you level up your leadership capacity so that you can achieve your goals with clarity and confidence, and grow your business.  

This isn't just another business mastermind. We won't be spending our time together focusing on specific strategies related to marketing, sales and development. We might touch on them in our private community when you have a burning question, but that's about it. 

And let's be clear -- you know what to do. That's never been the issue anyway.  

Instead, we'll use this group as a safe incubator for you to explore, practice and hone your personal leadership skills and crystallize your message so that you can show up more bravely and powerfully in your business, and up your impact. 

We’ll run this group under the core values of:

Wholeheartedness -- we will bring our authentic selves to the group, not just the shiny “has it all together” selves. We tell the truth, and we share openly and respectfully. We bring our humanity to the table. 

Resourcefulness -- we will operate from the position that we are smart, capable and able to find the answers we need. We trust ourselves to make the best decisions.

Care -- we will take care of ourselves, and our fellow members so that we can bring our best selves to the experience. If we see someone struggling, we will reach out to offer support. Nobody gets left behind. 

Growth -- we are here to grow and expand ourselves and our businesses. It may not always be comfortable, and we are okay being stretched in service of our own potential. 

Action -- we will endeavour to stay in action, and make meaningful progress on our goals. If we get stuck, we’ll ask for help so we can keep going. 

Together, we will strengthen your:


Tired of feeling unsure and trepedacious about your big ideas and what actions to take? 

We will build your confidence muslces to help you feel stronger and act braver.


There is NOTHING better than feeling the power of crystal clarity - about your message, your mission and how you want to showcase it. 

Together we'll ensure you're focusing on the right things to get the results that are most meaningful to you. 


We all have leadership gaps that hold us back from the results we want to attain.  

Over the course of 10 leadership training sessions and safe, constructive feedback, you'll build the skills required to power a more thoughtful, sustainable version of your company.  


Your caring runs deep and you see business as a catalyst for positive social and economic change (or at least you want to).  

We will help you identify your greatest area for contribution in a way that best serves you and the world.  

Tall order? Maybe. But we know you can do it.  

Develop your leadership capacities and confidence, up your impact and expand your support network 


Here's what to expect. And everything you get:

Enjoy a six-month intimate mastermind experience that will create a container for growth and connection for ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs. 

  • > 2x/monthly live Leadership Trainings & Open Forum Discussion via Zoom (10 in total) + a Welcome Session and a Celeration Session  
  • > 1x/montly live Hot Seat Coaching / Office Hours session 
  • > 1, 20-minute live class taught by YOU to practice your leadership skills in a safe environment (don't worry - we'll work up to this) 
  • > 3, 45-minute private coaching sessions with me 
  • > Private community for connection and questions 
  • > Bi-monthly Leader Work (aka homework) to help you dive deeper and apply your learnings directly to your life and business  
  • BONUS: Secure your spot by September 15, 2017 and receive a bonus 60-minute private strategy session to use anytime within 90-days of mastermind completion. 

Private 1:1 Coaching with Stephanie 

Personalized, private support from me to help you navigate the road ahead (optional upgrade)

Mastermind Roundtable  

A monthly meeting with a group of powerhouse women ready to challenge and champion you 

Leadership Trainings

Build your leadership capacities and skills through 10 live training sessions 

Business Office Hours

Get direct business support as you implement your new leadership skills

Idea to Action 

Bring your leadership skills to life with a special showcase session with the entire group

Tight-knit Community

Make deep, lasting relationships with a group of like-minded, thoughtful and strong women 


 Leadership training to grow your capacity:

As leaders, we have a responsiblity to ourselves and those we impact to ensure we strengthen our capacity to lead. While I'm all for delegation, there are critical leadership skills that can't be passed off. That's why we'll be exploring a new leadership capacity each month, equipping you with the tools and insights to level up your leadership. 

Leadership Training #1: Leadership Redefined 

Leadership Training #2: The Aligned Leader  

Leadership Training #3: Everyday Acts of Leadership  

Leadership Training #4: Women, Leadership & Power  

Leadership Training #5: Amplify Your Leadership Voice 

Leadership Training #6: Money, Marketing & Meaning

Leadership Training #7: The Contribution Connection 

Leadership Training #8: A special class taught by YOU! That's right, you'll put your leadership skills into practice in a safe, caring space. This will be an incredible opportunity for you to shine and grow. 

Leadership Training #9: Step out of the Shadows and Do Brave Things

Leadership Training #10: Navigating the Cycle of Sacrifice & Renewal 


Each virtual training session will be live (there will always be a recording) and we'll have a discussion and Q&A afterward. We will then identify one meaningful action you can take to put this skill into action.

Powered by care & caffeine

Your League Leader

Stephanie Pollock

Hi! I’m Stephanie Pollock. 

I'm a Leadership Coach, Podcaster, and Writer, and I'm committed to helping women claim their greatness and level up their leadership. 

I’ve always been a natural leader. Mayor of my grade six classroom, captain of my field hockey and soccer teams, Vice Chair of the Board of one of our city’s biggest non-profit, steering committee member and organizer for the highly successful Women’s Leadership Forum, and head of numerous non-profit committees. 

I’ve been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 changemaker in my region. I’ve been profiled and spotlighted in national media. I’ve completed an elite Leadership Training program, and received kudos from the governor general for my business prowess. 

Women’s leadership is at the heart of what I do. I believe that as business owners, whether we're a company of one or 100, we are all leaders (even if you've never considered yourself that before). 

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that you must be a leader if you're to truly build a business that endures. It's what I call The Leadership Imperative.


Tuition & Application Details:

The Leadership League Mastermind is a high-touch program designed to develop your leadership skills and confidence so that your business is best positioned to grow. 

The League runs from October 12, 2017 - March 22, 2018. can 

Investment: Six payments of $525 CAD (less deposit) 

Select partial and full scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. To be considered for a scholarship spot, fill out the application below including your request (partial or full) and I'll be in touch to discuss. 

If you are interested, please take a moment to apply. We will then hop on the phone and ensure this is the right fit for you. Once your spot is confirmed, you'll make an initial payment of $250 to hold your spot, and then you'll receive all program details. 

*Please note: this is a six-month active committment, not a membership subscription. You are responsible for the full tuition. 


What stage of business should I be at to apply for the League? 

This is a leadership mastermind for entrepreneurs and women leaders, not a business program. So while we will certainly speak to your business, it will be in the context of developing your own leadership capabilities. That means, it's less important what stage of business you're in and more important that you come to the League prepared to contribute, challenge yourself and grow personally and professionally. 

Do I need to run a business to apply for the League? 

Not necessarily. While this is designed for business owners, given the nature of the topic and Mastermind format, having a business isn't mandatory. That said, you'll need to have a body of work you're building, already have demonstrated leadership skills, and have an entrereneurial, take action spirit.  

Will I get specific business-building advice and support inside the League?

If you are looking for a mastermind that will teach you specific business strategies like marketing, sales, product design, client attraction etc. this likely isn't the right fit. You will certainly be able to connect with me and your peers to ask for advice and ideas in our private community, but the core of the Mastermind is about practicing and growing your personal leadership skills and confidence that you will then be able to take back to your business. Everything you learn will be directly applicable to your buiness because when you grow, your business does too!

Tell me more about the presentation I need to give. I'm nervous about that! 

I'm a big believer that leadership is something we practice, not just something we learn. As we move through the program and you clarify your leadership brand, you deserve to showcase your growth. To do this, you'll give a 20-minute presentation around a core message that matters to you. We'll do this later on in the Mastermind, and I will support you along the way. This will be a safe, empowering way to pratice, get helpful feedback from people you trust and step into your leadership.

More questions? Feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to answer. 

ore questions? 

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